Yoga Gyaan

In this chaos and rat race, one individual has been fulfilling her mission quietly. At the helm iof the mission to preach the healthiest way to a happy live stands tallan apostle of yoga serenity and ancient values. Ms. Meenakshi Sud, a reputed practitioner and a teacher who has taken yoga therapy and yoga gyaan to denizens. Initiated into yoga therapy by the famous Swami Dhirendra Brahamachari, Meenakshi continued her deep and in-depth yoga education with BKS Iyengar’s Teacher Training Course in Pune and has since then has evovled and established a Yoga culture which has natural healing, spiritual welfare and whiolesome development of body, mind and soul as cornerstones. Meenakshi’s yoga credentials are exemplary and esteemed list of practitioners who have discovered the real yoga under her tuteleage is a global melange.

Meenakshi is armed with a post-graduate course in Psychoneuroimmunology from University of Canada and a Master’s degree in Yoga therapy and philosophy from the University of Himachal Pradesh. She has been consistently and successfully working with people affected by cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, clinical depression, sexual impotence, backache and sciatica issues, amenorrhea, dysmehnoria and menorrhagia.

In fact Yogagyaan will be bringing Meenakshi’s healing invocations through yoga to the fore for the benefit and welfare of the whole society. Today almost all of the above ailments have become an ugly part of our lives. Lifestyles and easy access to expensive superficial cures are further damaging the social fabric. Need of the hour is to embrace Yoga as the ultimate healer.

With no attempt to categorise her approach to yoga, in her teaching practice, there is an emphasis on asanas and pranayama as vehicles of awakening. Intrinsically created and developed, having worked with a repertoire of students with varied needs and personalities, Meenakshi’s method employs a high level of interested curiosity and follows the tradition of Raja yoga, seeking to balance all faculties – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A focus on the holistic nature of yoga, teaching it as a philosophical system, with a strong practical method as its core, as a teacher Meenakshi strives to encourage her students to reach beyond the limitations and find new depths in their practice, one that encourages them to find focus, alignment, flexibility, balance and acceptance.

Over the years Meenakshi has very consciously dedicated her expertise and invoked her yoga sadhna to develop a culture where yoga is not just a morning routine. Every step a yoga seeker takes under her guidance, he/she is progressing towards healthy happiness and complete freedom from diseases and ailments.

Hosting Yoga workshops, unravelling extensive work with various departments in universities, undertaking private and special yoga therapy sessions with people of all ages for the last twenty years has given Meenakshi, a deep understanding of the dynamics of diseases and their varied manifestations, both external and internal. Meenakshi uses a forum of adaptive yoga that is used not to cure, but manage the disease to increase the student’s\affected person’s ability to regain a sense of empowerment, as her experience tells that management leads to transcending disease by using the body as a canvas and the breath as a medium.

Yoga Gyaan

Naunihal Singh

The man behind one of the biggest salon chain in India, Strands and the man who has redefined the salon franchisee industry is the life force of Yogagyaan. A hardcore marketing visionary, Mr. Singh in the last 12 years has converted Strands into an entrepreneurial dream. With 73 salons in 19 states, Mr. Singh knows how to turn a dreamer into an entrepreneur. With him at the helm, Yogagyaan is all set to create more business landmarks and profitable milestones.

Yoga Gyaan